Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Was Demi Moore Paid $300,000 To Appear At Trump Party?

Do you take credit cards? (image via caroline torm craig/Papermag)

We are at the hot stage of out Empire. Things will be moving pretty fast from here on out. And as Gaius Petronius chronicled Nero's Rome so excellently in The Satyricon, you have, dear reader, The Corsair to guide you through Bush's America. Trimalchio's Feast, one of Petronius' most ingenious literary inventions, featured the bloated merchants of his age overindulging in Imperial excess (meats and cakes and wine). Our bloated hustlers, as exemplified by The Trumps (Averted Gaze), are rumored to have gone into the low six figures just to snag a B-plus lister to one of their shitty events on Monday night celebrating a yet-to-be-built architectural monstrosity in, of all places, Dubai. How Petronian! From Papermag:

"Here is an early Christmas present for everyone: (According to Donald, although Forbes has a lower estimate) The six billion dollar Trumps! The rumor on the red carpet was that Demi Moore was paid $300,000 to show up and look good, which she more than fulfilled! "

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