Monday, June 30, 2008

Sharon Stone: Or, In Praise Of Cougars

Soon to be gnawing on this sweet hunk of man. (image via thisislondon)

God bless you, cougars, ferocious man-eaters, you who are about to roar, we salute you (The Corsair sips a tawny port). Cougars are, in the wild, the natural allies of the young and horny; they pounce!

And God bless Sharon Stone, who licking her paws after being wounded, slightly, by the vicious Chinese dragon over her admittedly impolitic roar on Tibet, is recovering nicely with a side of Grade-A American beef. Cats and their chewtoys.

From Thisisshowbiz:

"Actress Sharon Stone showed off her cleavage in a racy dress for a night on the town with a toyboy.

"The 50-year-old, who is famed for her raunchy film roles, was clearly not shy to reveal her charms as she was seen arm in arm with a young beau on her way to a restaurant in Hollywood.

"She displayed a plunging neckline in a little black dress, worn with long bronze beads and fashionable gladiator sandals."

Gladiator, indeed. She's a veritable Startacus in the coliseum of man-candy. Rowr!