Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Case For Jim Webb As Candidate Obama's Running Mate

Paleoconservatives for Obama? It is not that hard to imagine. Consider this: Both Obama -- and Internationalists -- were against the Second Persian Gulf War, and Obama, during the primary process, expressed skepticism for NAFTA and a moderate stance on Protectionism, which is a hallmark of the Jacksonian neoconservatives. Imagine Pat Buchanan and Kevin Phillips and Taki campaigning for Obama. Stranger things have happened.

Consider also McCain's unreastrained praise of NAFTA -- in Canada, no less -- that appears to be designed to lose him Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan. Is McCain actively trying to help Obama blow him out in November? From The American Conservative:

"Webb has electoral appeal and, if elected, he might be the closest thing to a paleoconservative -- whatever his departures from right wing orthodoxy -- to come within a heartbeat of the Oval office in modern times. But he might find the Vice President's shoes, even enlarged by Cheney, a tight fit. Fallows is right: He's a great person for the senate; the senate is a great place for him.' And the #2 slot? We aren't sure, but we're intrigued."

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