Wednesday, June 25, 2008

P Diddy Trained For Raisin In The Sun By Living In a Two Bedroom Apartment

(image via mediaoutrage)

P Diddy was on AMCTv's "Sunday Morning Shootout," trying to get some respect for his fledgling acting career. He spoke of many things. Diddy reeked of oily ambition, of course. But the most interesting line of the interview was to the question: How did he prepare for his critically-panned performance in "A Raisin In The Sun."

Much of the action in Lorraine Hansberry's magnificent play takes place in the cramped quarters of The Younger Family. Diddy "prepared" for the role of William Lee Younger by renting a two bedroom apartment. He is claustrophobic. It was thirsty work. Or, as Diddy told jaded Hollywood insiders Peter Guber and Peter Bart, "To be in a two-bedroom apartment, especially in Toronto, was a lot for me."

Good old P Diddy, breaking barriers for African-American actors at the international box office (Averted Gaze).

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