Tuesday, July 12, 2005

A Little of the Old In and Out


(image via truthout)

In: Scott McClellan: Whipping Boy. The old boy is on the defensive and taking quite a whupping on the Rove imbroglio if you ask The Corsair. The press corps smell blood in the water and their running on pure instinct. Everyone is taking a shot at Scotty, from The Old Gray Lady to the impeccably-coiffed David Gregory to Wonkette, who, incidentally, writes:

"Yup, that video of the WH press corps pelting Scott McClellan with repeated questions about the Plame investigation sure is funny. Funny if you like watching puppies get beaten."

Which we do, mind you, preferably when said beatings are administered with a rubber hose. But we digress: quoth the Old Gray Lady, "When one reporter, David Gregory of NBC News, said that it was 'ridiculous' for the White House to dodge all questions about the issue and pointed out that Mr. McClellan had addressed the same issues in detail in the past, Mr. McClellan replied, 'I'm well aware, like you, of what was previously said, and I will be glad to talk about it at the appropriate time.'"


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Out: Andy Milonakis. The Corsair cannot say we watched this show on MTV, or, for that matter, anything on MTV of late, but we did see the ubiquitous commercials. It seemed as if MTV had given a pudgy, good humored kid a show. Our opinion is neutral. We didn't really see much reason for it, but we remained mum all the same. Until ... this on the defamer (via Byroncrawford):

"It may not be 'news,' but it was definitely news to us: MTV�?s Andy 'The Super Bowl is Gay' Milonakis isn�?t a creepy 14-year-old with a TV show, he�?s a creepy 29-year-old with a growth-hormone disorder. Do you get the sense that MTV isn�?t exactly publicizing this fact?"

Would The Corsair be too cynical in congratulating MTV on the synergetic buzz?


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In: Daisy Lowe. According to Fashionweekdaily:

"16-year-old Daisy Lowe, a.k.a. the daughter of Gavin Rossdale and stepdaughter of Gwen Stefani, just scored a major modeling gig for Sadie Frost�?s line, FrostFrench."


(image via ananova)

Out: Mariah's Clothes Fall Off. Poor Mariah Fucking Carey. First, your HIV-positive sister gets arrested yesterday for prostitution. Now, adding insulinjurymjury, Mariah's clothes fall off in, of all places, Germany. She wasn't even wearing lederhosen! Something tells me this is not part of Andre Leon Talley's Mariah-makeover project.

According to Worldofwonder,"While performing onstage in Karlsruhe, Germany, her dress fell off or apart and her ample breasts were exposed for a few seconds before her people doused the lights and plunged the hall into darkness."

Please ... tell me someone ..took ... pictures. (The Corsair dramatically recites:) My kingdom for a Mariah-Carey-in-the-buff picture.


Brangelina's adoption broker, Dr. Tsegaye Berhe (image via newsoftheworld)

In: "This is your Mom, and this is your 'Brad'" While we are never quite sure whether or not to take the British gossip press at their word -- especially when dealing with the extremely downmarket Newsoftheworld (Averted Gaze), we'll let you decide if this is kosher:

" THEIR eyes welling with tears, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had only one question for the baby girl gazing at them: 'How do you like your new mummy and daddy?'

"It was a tender moment marking not only the Hollywood couple's commitment to an orphaned child�?but to each other.

"Because as adoption boss Dr Tsegaye Berhe revealed, the two stars were about to become 'a family.'

"Speaking from the Addis Ababa orphanage, Dr Berhe said: 'They were like any couple looking at their child for the first time.

"'You could tell they were in love and when they saw the girl they held their breath before letting out a gasp of excitement. Angelina wiped a tear from her eye.

"Then she looked over to Brad and told him she was the most beautiful baby girl.

"That's when Brad put his arm around Angelina and whispered, �?How do you like your new mummy and daddy?'

"They were so happy. Then they turned to me and said, �?This makes us a whole family'."


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(image via HP)

Out/In: Jeff Katzenberg. Frankly, we rather like Jeffrey Katzenberg. He alerted us all first aboutmonstrousnsterous asshole Michael Eisner was becoming at Disney. The Corsair has always hoped that Dreamworks SKG could lure Steve Jobs and Pixar away from Disney and form a profitable alliance that would blow the Mouse House out of the water.

But we digress. This has been quite a week for him. Why, just yesterday while having lunch at Michael's with our favorite social chronicler, David Patrick Columbia, we saw Katzenberg strutting around the joint.

Then this from Variety: "Call it a Shrek wreck. A confluence of ogrely DVD news pummeled DreamWorks Animation Monday and had Wall Street wailing over big picture woes--like what the studio's second DVD shortfall in two months means for rivals such as the Walt Disney Co. and Warner Brothers. Because of the shortfall in DVD revenue, the studio announced it was slashing profit forecasts. Making matters worse, DreamWorks announced that it is facing a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission inquiry into the trading of its securities and the disclosure of its first-quarter results--as well as six shareholder lawsuits. Company said it intends to cooperate."

That would be a good thing.


Anonymous said...

I love ALT, but the Mariah makeover project is too big for any 1 man...

The Corsair said...

too true. It looks as if even the forces of nature stand athwart an Mariah makeover project