Monday, July 18, 2005

David Lee Roth, Adam Corolla to Replace Stern


(image via neweb)

This morning, The Howard Stern Show punk'd distraught listeners with a spoof of how a David Lee Roth radio broadcast replacing the Stern Show might sound. Afterwards, Howard told listeners that he "had it confirmed" that David Lee Roth would indeed be replacing him on WXRK terrestrial radio in New York after Stern's contract expires. Further, Adam Corolla, formerly one half of "The Man Show," would fill in Stern's slot -- no pun intended -- in Los Angeles syndication.

This leads us to ask several questions:

1) Couldn't they get Courtney Love?
2) How will Diamond Dave Radio affect his EMT training and, more importantly, Roth's burgeoning friendship with magazine mogul Jason Binn?
3) Couldn't they get Courtney Love?


(S)wine said...

David Lee's schtick gets old after about one hour. I'm with you on #3.

Anonymous said...

Like she gets up in the morning...

Anonymous said...

That Howard Stern punk this morning was great but I hope its NOT a precursor for what the radio audience in NY will have to put up with once Howard's moved on to uhumm-uhumm.

Let's hope what we heard today isn't going to be anything close to what DLR's REAL radio show in NYC will sound like; he bragged about being the King of Al Media and about having "no fart jokes and strippers" and then proceeded to use a stripper as his wanna be co-host. OK, so we, your bright and shiny new audience can REALLY trust what you say now!

I almost died laughing when a fake caller called David Lee Roth a "washed-up ex-rock star high on Ritalin". Well, today he sounded like he was on SOMETHING; with the "uh's", the repetitive sentences and the lip smacking into the mic. Horrible!

So much for professionalism. I'd have to be wasted on ten cups of Starbucks to even listen to that guy for more than five minutes!

David, go back to your day job; Van Halen!