Friday, July 22, 2005

Jane Pratt: "Auditioned"

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Ah, and you thought Jane Pratt, editor of Jane and the much-missed "Sassy Magazine," oft described as "the quintessential voice of today's young woman," went quietly into the night. Quite the contrary. When not hanging out with the emo Michael Stipe, and making babies with Andrew Shaifer, Jane Pratt's being "auditioned" by eccentric A-Listers. According to Lloyd Grove's Lowdown:

"... The 39-year-old editor of Jane magazine writes in the upcoming issue: 'I was filming a cameo in Vanilla Sky. I got to know Tom barely on set - I think he hugged me once - and I do have to tell you he is truly the nicest guy. � Then right after it was announced that he and Nicole Kidman were splitting, two friends of Tom's called me, basically saying: Tom's single now. I told him I thought you'd be great together. Would you like to get to know him better"?

That one hug must have had an extraordinary amount of -- dare we say it? ... "Sass."

"... At the time, I didn't think anything of it, because I was in love with Andrew (Shaifer, her fiance, with whom she's expecting a December baby). And anyway, I couldn't picture Tom going for me in a million years. Less than a week later, he and our Vanilla Sky co-star Penelope Cruz became a couple. Even if I were being 'auditioned,' what's the big deal? Is Tom Cruise supposed to find a girl playing foosball at some bar?"

No, we expected the Victoria's Secret catalogue or something equally Hollywood. Sassy, Sassy whereforarthou, "Sassy"!

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