Thursday, July 28, 2005

MediaBistro's Lunch at Michaels.


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Prognosis on Lunch at Michael's? Today seems rather Teeveeish, with some robust dashes of glossy media chattering class, parsley, and a hint of pimp. But only a whisper, because, as we all know (The Corsair ruefully sighs), too much "pimp" can overwhelm even the chicest media watering hole.

One half of our favorite superhero gossip duo, George Rush brought in the Bravo TV team, who are filming a reality tv show on the New York Daily News.

Our favorite social chronicler David Patrick Columbia was also on the scene, alighting the room, as was Vivian Schiller of Times Discovery Channel, which we are quite embarrassed to say we watch -- often (Whatever happened to Times 7, yo?). According to Mediabistro:

"Table 1: Former Governor Ann Richards, Johnny Roberts and Martha Stewart's Charles Koppelman.

"Table 8: (his regular table by the door): David Patrick Columbia, New York Social Diary, two socialites, a Ms. Finkle in a leopard-patterned top and jacket and a Ms. Richter, who seemed decidedly unsure as to whether or not to take our hand.

" Table 4: Jim Taylor, Town & Country, with Joan Parker (sp?), of DeBeers."

A natural match, n'est-ce pas? Although, quite frankly, Town & Country hasn't been the same since they put John Travolta on the cover and, of course, there is the fact that the ladies with the rose gardens in Newport started, ehr, pushing up daisies.

"Table D (Now known as Table 6, our table): We were with Joanna Jordan, CEO of Central Talent Booking (her 22-person company books guests for major TV shows as well as wrangles celebs for major mags). She's English, naughty and we like her very very much. Also at the table: Vivian Schiller, a Senior VP at the Times (she's also, incidentally, and not that we or anyone else would care, one of the privileged few on the published New York Times masthead. Yes, a name we can see!). She works on the joint venture between the Times and Discovery Channel. It's called Discovery/Times and you may check it out on Channel 111."

We do.

"Table F: The Post's Keith Kelly earns an A at Table F today for helping us spot people and increase the general drama of the room. He was with Martin Walker, of Walker Media and another gent, Peter Lauria, of the Post's Sunday Business Page. At one point during the meal, the peripatetic Posty ambled over to Rush (they are natural enemies). The Bravo team of one got the whole exchange on tape, however, we doubt it will ever be shown anywhere but here...

"Kelly: 'So, anyone fired at your shop?

"Molloy: 'I don't know. The day is young...'

" ... At that moment, the Pimp of the Bunny Ranch chimes in: 'Hi, I'm Dennis Hof. We put the 'ho in HBO,' he says by way of introduction.

Charmed, we're sure. More here.

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