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A Little of the Old In and Out


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In: Sharantino (tm). Let's face it, Quentin Tarantino, recently spotted with Shar Jackson, is a Negrophile. Hell, he may even be blacker than I.

On second thought -- no. Not hardly. But it sounded syntactically "heezy," at the time: no?

Anyhoo: Back to QT, one half of "Sharantino." Fan of blaxploitation films? Check. Likes chopsockey movies? Check. Drank St. Ides "High Gravity" Malt liquor for a Bikini Magazine photoshoot? Check again. Regards Samuel L. Jackson as his cinematic alter ego, as Denzel is -- or, was -- to Spike, Mastroianni is, forever, to Fellini, and -- pshaw -- Von Sydow is to Bergman? Check, my friend, a palpable check.

It was only a matter of time, you see, before QT graduated unto finding hisself a coco honey. And, according to the Page Sixxies, he has. Oh yes, dear sweet reader, he has:

"'Kill Bill' director Quentin Tarantino, 42, and Shar Jackson, 28 � the mother of Britney Spears spouse Kevin Federline's two children � spent the holiday weekend together in Las Vegas. On Saturday, they dined at Nobu in the Hard Rock Hotel, where they were 'holding hands and acting like a couple,' a source tells Us Weekly. After dinner, they caught comedy show Beacher's Madhouse and were 'very touchy,' says another witness. Then at 4 a.m., they ate pizza and pancakes with a group of people at the Rainbow Bar & Grill. Jackson told the magazine that she and Tarantino are just 'friends' and were in Sin City celebrating her mother's birthday."

We'll skip over the very ghetto sounding cuisine of "pizza and pancakes" for a moment, and go directly to what Biz Markie said about friends, namely, "You, you got what I need ... but you say he�s just a friend/ And you say he�s just a friend, oh baby ..."

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Out: The Frat Pack. According to Vince Vaughn, who, evidently, is doing naught else but "hugging out" Jennifer Anniston, there is no such thing as a "frat pack." That is a fiction created by Hollywood reporters. (The Corsair imbibes a cashmere-textured 2003 Fonseca port) It's just a "media construction." There is no hidden Hollywood Illiminati (tm) hunting after box office comedy domination. Piffle. Says Moviehole:

"Moviehole: Is it� but is this frat pack thing, is it more of a media construction or do you guys ...
"Vince: I would say it�s a whole media construction, but someone came up with this and I think it is a little bit of a reach. But like anything, once you establish it then it kind of does become a reality too, then it is kind of real. But it was kind of a little far-reaching at first, I think, in that the real common denominator is, is Ben Stiller, meaning that Stiller did Zoolander and Owen had a big part in that, Will had a part in that, I just had a cameo, I didn�t speak, I didn�t have scenes with either of them. The first time I ever did a movie with Will was Old School, then he asked me to do something in Anchorman, I did and then he did something in this. It�s not like we have this long kind of thing. I�ve never even been in a scene with Jack Black. I think we�ve done cameos in the same movies but we�ve never done a scene together, and Owen, the only time we�ve ever worked together was Starsky, and we barely had anything to do together. (Wedding Crashers) was the first real movie that we had a lot to do together. And so I think the real common denominator is Ben Stiller. You know, Ben Stiller, um, ah, you know, really wanted me in Dodgeball, asked me to be in Zoolander, asked Will and Owen to be in Zoolander � had a lot of movies he did with Owen. I think he kind of developed Starsky and Hutch and asked me to be in that and asked Will to be in that and that�s it. So Stiller�s really the guy who�s been very supportive of people�s careers and really championed a lot of careers in a lot of ways, and kind of very selflessly, like not making a big deal out of it, but he really has been giving a lot of opportunities to people: Will off of Saturday Night Live, me off of Swingers and Owen off of Bottle Rocket. So he�s kind of the real common denominator if there�s anything going on."

"Media construction," huh? Try "Six Degrees of Ben Stiller." Until Vince spoke, The Corsair believed it was all hype. Now we are not so sure.


And baby makes three. (image via newsoftheweek)

In: Zahara Marley Jolie. So, Angelina Jolie has adopted an Ethiopian baby. She could have adopted me, a Ugandan-born "baby," but no (The Corsair averts his gaze). According to CNN:

"Angelina Jolie, who has been romantically linked with her 'Mr. & Mrs. Smith' co-star Brad Pitt, is adopting an orphaned Ethiopian baby girl.

"Jolie visited the Horn of Africa nation last week to file her adoption request, accompanied by Pitt and her 3-year-old son, Maddox, whom she adopted in Cambodia, an official said Wednesday.

"'The paperwork has gone through. Miss Angelina's request was accepted last week,' Hadosh Halefom, head of the country's state-run adoption agency, told The Associated Press.

"The child 'is less than a year old,' Hadosh said, refusing to elaborate. The actress filed her request through a private adoption agency.

"'If people's paperwork is in order, it can take only two days to finalize everything,' Hadosh said.

"In a posting on People magazine's Web site, Jolie is quoted as saying the child's name is Zahara Marley Jolie and that she and Maddox are 'very happy to have a new addition to our family.'"

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