Thursday, July 28, 2005

What About Bill?

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(image via moviemaze)

Bill Murray, who is considered as something of a father-figure to Young Hollywood, acted a little skittish recently, according to this Fox 411 report:

"(Sophia) Coppola had come to the premiere of 'Broken Flowers,' which Jim Jarmusch directed, and in which Murray plays it straight.

"The Oscar-nominated actor was having a great time accepting much deserved kudos from the likes of Rufus Wainwright, Peter Hedges, co-star Jessica Lange and others.

"Coppola came and sat on his lap at one point in a friendly gesture. That's when trouble started.

"A photographer started snapping pictures, and Murray, who should have had a great night, snapped back. He was down the stairs and out the door in nothing flat."

Bill, baby, chill the fuck out, have yourself a Sophia blanckety blank can-o-wine: We still love you and are rooting for you to get an Oscar.

(And, yes, in case you are wondering: it IS a wicked slow day ...)

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Alice P. said...

Bill Murray is dying to be cast as a romantic lead. (This dates back to when he did el bomb "Razor's Edge.") It's why he did "Lost in Translation" and "Broken Flowers." I found him hilarious, but romantic? Don't think so. The photo w/Sophia might have helped his cause.