Friday, July 15, 2005

A Little of the Old In and Out


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In: Kate and Lindsay. A friendship has grown out of a common hunger. According to LASocialDiary:

"Lindsay, in addition to her weight loss, also lost her first 'serious' boyfriend, Wilmer Valdermara and sent him on his way ('he had a bit of a wandering eye.') She continues in the Telegraph interview: 'I am working to keep (the weight) off,' asserting that 'Kate Moss is my fashion icon.' We�?d never before heard Lindsay speak so glowingly of Kate so we contacted one of our Lohan sources recently and, sure enough, were told that Kate and Lindsay have become fast friends.

"They�?re even off to the exclusive Chiva-Som Luxury Health Resort in Thailand together 'to get away from it all and to shed some pounds.'"

Dear God, if either Kate or Lindsay lose anymore weight they will become invisible.

"... The two girls will be joined by Sadie Frost, who�?s celebrating the finalization of her divorce from Jude Law. And just in case you are interested, the three have signed up for the resort�?s specially�?tailored cleansing package that includes a three-day fast, after which the diet is strictly healthy: cucumbers; carrots, apple juice and chick-pea stew. Alternative therapies to build up a sweat in the gym, of course, is being combined with pilates and t�?ai chi classes."


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Out: Wesley SnUndesirablereable. We could have told you -- Our blog wife actually did -- that Wesley Snipes was undesirable. His dodgy financial situation, despite the Blade backend points deal attests to this clearly. According to Rush and Molloy:

"Wesley Snipes is persona non grata in South Africa. Immigration officials there have branded the 'Blade' star an 'undesirable person' after they found that he was traveling around the country with a forged South African passport.

"Snipes was stopped at the Johannesburg airport after officials noted a problem with his passport number. The actor also had a valid U.S. passport and was allowed to depart the country. But he'll have to apply for a visa if he ever wants to return."

The Corsair already branded Snipundesirablereable as he is, perhaps, the only full grown man Mike Tyson has been able to knock-the-fuck-out in the past few years.


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In: Sarabande. The Corsair just caught Ingmar Bergman's magnificent farewell to cinema, Sarande. Bergman is, of course, the greatest filmmaker of all time. Hands down. The scene in Cries and Whispers, when the two sisters reconcile as the haunting Bach Sarabande No.5 in D Minor plays gives us the chills it is so fucking unearthly in its beauty. Here's what Cinematical said:

"Before the movie started, the SIFF staff member doing the intro told us that a 'saraband' is an intricate dance; the Sarabande is also part of Bach's famous cello suites. The suites were developed as Baroque dance music in six movements; the fourth movement, the Sarabande, is a 3-beat slow dance from Spain, and is considered the emotional heart of the suite. The Sarabandes are notoriously intricate and difficult to play."

And Indiewire:

"'Saraband' opens with a scene of unsettling artifice: Marianne sits at a table talking to the camera and presenting family photos. Unsettling because it plays so awkwardly: one fears the words 'I remember it like it was yesterday...' will follow with a blurry-wave cross-fade. But the method is the same as the interview that opens 'Scenes from a Marriage' -- a kind of trompe l'oeil of attention and representation that allows the chord change that ensues (to adopt the title's musical metaphor). Marianne's bit is an undrama that renders the primary drama both a jarring contrast and a return to a reality all the more convincing and surprising."


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What are Sadie Frost and Kate Moss-both mothers over 30- doing hanging out w. a 19 yr. old girl?