Monday, July 25, 2005

Picture Pages, Picture Pages ...


Elle Macpherson, superhott at age 41, (image via newsoftheworld)


"I'm totally not making this up, dude: I was at the Nylon Guy's Magazine party, and I'm pretty sure I saw Wolf Blitzer lighting up Chloe Sevigny's crackpipe." (image via thecobrasnake)


Marisol tells Justin her hopes, her dreams and -- at his urging -- her bra-size as they danced the forbidden dance "Lambada." (image via thecobrasnake)


Jimmy was about to take a picture on the occasion of his being photographed, but after contemplating the whole meta- discursive hall of mirrors aspect of it all, he became paralyzed by a socially elegant existential nausea. (image via thecobrasnake)


LoveTheException said...

*Whistles as jaw hits floor with resounding thud...

The Corsair said...

reason #2,783 for why Colin Farrell is good.

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