Thursday, July 07, 2005

A Little of the Old In and Out


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In: Jade Jagger. God, she's fucking hott. And she has the energy of a rock star (Can "lifeforce" be inherited?). When not "wearing out" Pharell Williams, the sexy daughter of Sir Mick, Jade Jagger is making her mark on New York's skyline. Literally. According to the marvelous gang at Fashionweekdaily:

"The Daily has learned that Jade Jagger -- model, fashion personality, and head of design for London-based jeweler Garrard -- has signed on to be the creative force behind a new building being developed by SHVO Marketing and Jagger's residential property development company, to which she is creative director, Yoo Ltd. The building, whose location is still in the early development phases and thus could not be revealed, is said to be Jagger's first New York venture of this kind. Look for Jagger to have her hand in everything: the building's exterior, interiors, and appointments, even floor plans."

The full story here.


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Out: "Realism." Condi Rice's Middle East democracy spreading tour is incurring the wraith of the Realist camp of American foreign policy. Frankly, that's one part of the neoconservative agenda The Corsair doesn't really mind. The political "realists" oftentimes appear to to relish in their dealings with totalitarian regimes under the auspices of "this is simply the reality of the situation." And we simply won't entertain the question of why authoritarians respect realists as much as they do. We can see how a foreign policy based on principles might frighten those Realpoliticians. Arnaud de Borchgrave quotes Henry Kissinger in the Washington Times as saying:

"'For the U.S. to crusade in every part of the world to spread democracy may be beyond our capacity,' he says. The U.S. system, he explains, 'is the product of unique historical experiences, difficult to duplicate or to transplant into Muslim societies where secular democracy has seldom thrived.' If ever."

The clumsy but intentional use of the word "crusade" is duly noted. Fuck you very much, Henry Kissinger.


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In: SocialiteLife. There are a thousand and one reasons why my blog wife's site rocks so mightily -- the caption this, the nibbly things -- but we especially love the random rumors sent in by readers, like:

"Paris Hilton with love Paris Latsis are in Athens/Greece so Hilton can meet Latsis's (whose real surname is Kasidokostas - I live in Greece too) family and arrange the wedding things. A Greek channel named ALTER and the lifestyle show 'TOP SECRET' questioned Paris Hilton where is gonna be the wedding, Hilton said in Greece, in Athens OR in Mykonos a famous islandseland (many celebs have homes there and it's a glamour area/island) "



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Out: The London Terrorist Bombings. While it is still too early to tell if ths mornings bombings will reinforce the steely will of Britainia on the Iraq occupation, or, as in the case of Madrid, force some sort of timetable for a British withdrawal via even greater public opinion against Blair (60 percent of the UK public opposed the Iraq war). Says CNN:

"Britain has launched an intense search for those responsible for a series of four coordinated bombings Thursday in London's transport system that killed at least 37 people and wounded 700.

"'There will, of course, be the most intense police and security service action to make sure that we bring those responsible to justice,' said British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

"...The Group of al Qaeda of Jihad Organization in Europe claimed responsibility in a Web site posting. The authenticity of the claim could not immediately be verified."


Anonymous said...

She looks good, but Jade Jagger's a crap designer. Why can't someone ever come up w. a decent-looking new bldg. project for this city?

(S)wine said...

well, well, well...the time has come. Call Ripley's. I actually disagree with you on this one. Jade is the spitting image of Mick. Not hott. Ever. Nasty nose, too. And nothing on top. I hope the "bottom" makes up for that. I know...shallow. But it's Friday.

The Corsair said...

Maybe it's the whole wearing out Pharrell Williams story, but I really do find her hot. Its all subjective, anyhow. I find Bijou Phillips hott as well and none of my friends get it.

(S)wine said...

I'm with you on the Bijou tip.

Anonymous said...

jade is definitely hot. her jewelry does suck though...