Monday, December 01, 2003

Are Rock Stars Pure Energy?

Whenever one reads some rock magazine or other there is inevitably a vague New Agey sort of discussion concerning "energy." One reads things like, "dude, the energy of the show was amazing," or, "you could almost feel the energy coming off of Kid Rock, man." That sort of thing. I find that interesting.

I find it especially interesting because I recently re read Janice Dickinson's No Lifeguard on Duty (BTW: The Corsair is also reading former Senator Gary Hart's The Patriot, if you want to know), where the proto-supermodel describes sex with Mick Jagger:

" The man was indefatigable ... He was pure energy -- kind of spooky, to tell you the truth. I woke up the next morning feeling like I'd been through a war."

That, to me, is interesting in light of all our previous 'discussion' of energy and rock stars. In Bebe Buell's Rebel Heart, she describes meeting him"like lightening had struck." And, "both Steven and I felt a spark, an animal magnetism from the get go, even though -- or perhaps because -- Steven knew I was with Todd(Rundgren)."

But the most interesting entry in the book is a line about her flying in Steven Tyler's private plane:

"Being confined in a tiny area with a person who had the energy of fifty wild ponies was terrifying."

So, Bebe Buell found Steve Tyler's energy "terrifying" and Janice Dickinson found Mick Jagger energy "spooky." Is scary the new black? Bear with me guys, The Corsair has a lot of Aquarius in him and is fascinated by these things.

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