Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Paris: Troubled Teen In Love With Her Reflection

Paris Hilton attended a school for troubled kids? No! Say it aint so! The National Enquirer gives us the lowdown on Paris Hilton's brief stay at the exclusive CEDU school in Running Hills, Ca. The website for the school says:

"CEDU High is an emotional growth boarding school for adolescents who exhibit behavioral and learning difficulties. The curriculum has three cornerstones: The original CEDU Emotional Growth program; college preparatory academics; and an outstanding outdoor adventure program. Woven through this triangle is an enriching theme of visual and performing arts. CEDU High School is the original emotional growth boarding school. Since 1967, it has worked with teens and families to redirect negative behavior, teach vital life skills, create academic success, and reunite families."

There are a million rather snarky comments The Corsair could make about "performing arts," and Paris Hilton and "negative behavior" and Paris Hilton, but we shall refrain. Oh, how we shall refrain.

Anyway, back to the Enquirer because enquiring minds want to know. Patricia Shipp writes:

"(Paris) acted like royalty from the time she arrived until she made her escape -- by limousine -- after two months, charges the source, who attended the school with the hotel heiress.

"'She was a mess from day one,' the insider told The ENQUIRER. 'She was such a spoiled brat that the other rich kids were disgusted with her too!'

"Paris was admitted into the school partly to help her to stop her abuse of drugs and alcohol, but all she talked about was finding a way to get out.

"'She arrived with several bags of designer luggage like she was going to a resort on vacation. She was more concerned about what she was wearing and what shade of makeup to put on rather than talking about her problems.'

"Stuck-up and in love with her reflection, she threw a fit when she learned she could wear only the jeans, T-shirts and sweatshirts supplied by the facility, divulged the insider.

"'But that was nothing compared to the tornado she created when they told her absolutely no makeup.

"'Oh, my God! I thought the end of the world was coming the way she reacted to the rules. If Paris wasn't crying, she was angry -- refusing to eat the food or figuring out how to escape.

"'Everyone was expected to do assigned chores and to participate in group discussions -- but Paris did nothing, except cry like a baby.'"

The Corsair has absolutely no comment. Judge for yourself.


Jessica said...

Yah I am satisfied with the program that you are giving to troubled teen at your boarding school. My sister return from your boarding school and you have totally change his life.

Anonymous said...

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Kristin said...

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who got away from one of these cult programs...I ran away from MBA which was derived from CEDU...yay Paris!!

George Vreeland Hill said...

Paris got better, but it took years for her to grow up.
She is still not 100%.

George Vreeland Hill