Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Eric Alexandre Steffan: "L'enfant Secret" No More


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Prince Albert Alexandre Louis Pierre has admitted to having an illegitimate African baby. According to the excellent Gatecrasher:

"After months of gossip, Monaco's Prince Albert II is expected to acknowledge his 22-month-old illegitimate son, Eric Alexandre Stephane, as early as tomorrow.

"But the superrich principality conveniently changed its law of succession just before the playboy prince produced his first love child.

"Albert took over the tiny country's top job following his father's death in April. He has apparently been pursuing a relationship with the boy's mother, Togolese former flight attendant Nicole Coste, for five years.

"A 2002 change in Monaco's constitution decreed that only 'direct and legitimate descendants' of the ruler could claim his throne. The cynics among us might wonder whether it's more about a bunch of Euro-snobs not wanting a man with African blood on their throne."

Says Hello!Magazine, "The child will not be in line for the Monegasque throne, nor will he bear the Grimaldi name, added the statement. He will, however, 'have the same inheritance rights as other children of the prince, should he have other children.' Albert is said to be worth about �1.4 billion."

Bigotry is, by its very nature, irrational. Prince Albert needs an heir to the throne. Prince Albert has a male heir to the throne. Prince Albert doesn't recognize his blood male heir to the throne. Charmed, I'm sure. Anyway, Alexandre will inherit a share of the money if not any title, which will bypass him and go directly over to Caroline's children, by virtue of something dubiously called "Princely Law 1.249," or, as The Corsair likes to call it the "Aint No Fucking Way We're Calling A Black Man Your Highness" Law.

Says the AP: "Royal-watchers take heart: the principality of Monaco has changed its succession law, a move that keeps the jet-setting Grimaldi family on the throne even if Crown Prince Albert never has children.

"An amendment to Monaco's constitution that was quietly enacted by the 18-member Parliament last month allows power to pass from a reigning prince who has no descendants to his siblings, a palace spokesman said Wednesday.

"The palace contends the amendment, enacted on April 2, was made to return to tradition and clarify the succession system - even though reigning Prince Rainier has already named Albert as his successor.

"'We are coming back to a situation that was in place for 700 years, from the beginning of the monarchy until 1918,' when the tradition was interrupted as a result of World War I, palace spokesman Armand Deus said.

"Deus denied suggestions that the change was put in place to ensure the House of Grimaldi keeps control of the glitzy principality after Albert - a 43-year-old bachelor - ascends to the throne if he remains childless.Under the old constitution, ascension was restricted to a monarch's children. Now, however, Albert's sisters - Princesses Caroline and Stephanie and their children - can succeed Albert if he dies without heirs."



Anonymous said...

But haven't all monarchies had laws that only allow legitimate offspring to inherit the crown for years? If monaco didn't have such a law until recently, they might have added it in response to stephanie-just in case. Wasn't she married to like a bodyguard and a circus performer?
But having said that, ron, I also agree with you-no WAY in this life would that kid ever have a shot at ruling that country-he'd have a better chance at becoming governor of california. It's good he'll get a share of the money, though.

The Corsair said...

good points

The Corsair said...

thanks for the comment

Anonymous said...

the best thing this mother can do is keep her kids away from those nutty folks. especially stephanie.

Gabs said...

great post Ron...

Anonymous said...

I think that people are still thinking this is white america. I think everybody who has a problem with the matter has got to be racist. when will people realize that color does not matter. It will not matter on judgement day now will it? but go ahead and keep thinking that ya'll as in white people will try to keep us black people or our nation down ha ha ha!

Anonymous said...

But Rainier's own mother was illegitimate, the daughter of an Algerian maid. Yet Rainier had no problem ascending. And this explains why Stephanie and Caroline have such dark coloring. (I've always wondered.) So they're all North African.
But if anyone out there can tell me in what month of 2002 Rainier met Nicole Coste, it would put to rest my powerful suspicion that he changed the law because of her. The law was changed on April 2, 2002. If he had not yet met Nicole, he most certainly had heard about her. She had been seeing Albert for five years by then, mostly in Monaco. I believe Rainier changed the law because of Nicole.
The other point is, Albert, as absolute sovereign is at liberty to change it back anytime he wants. The whole thing is so ugly. It should all be about this beautiful baby boy -- and instead it's about inheritance rights and succession. Ugh!!! God Bless the Child though. He at least will be rich for the rest of his life:)

Anonymous said...

One more thing...

Who would marry Albert now, knowing her children would have to share their inheritance with a black child. We all know what those circles are like.

Rainier made a powerful deal when he married Grace Kelly. He needed the Kelly money. I can't imagine what would be needed to induce an 'acceptable' woman to marry Albert...after all this.

Anonymous said...

Albert still faces additional paternity suit by a German topless model Bea Fiedler. Rumour that the prince was the father of Fiedler's son, Daniel (born in 198..)
In Eric Alexandre's case, he would be legitimated and automatically become Monaco's heir if Albert were to marry his mother.
And........ Albert had no intention to marry any woman (nevermind the color).

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Princess Elizabeth the first was illegitimate . And she ruled England. I think it's the color thing. sad..