Friday, July 15, 2005

Judy, Judy, Judy!


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Thanks to The Intelligencer, The Corsair finally understands why why foxy Challabi Agonistes, Judith Miller, had to go to jail for a story she didn't write. Then along comes Radar to flip the script and fuck the whole shit up. According to Radar Online:

"Did Robert Novak rat on New York Times reporter Judith Miller? While some have suggested Miller�who never wrote a word about CIA spook Valerie Plame�was dragged into the leak probe when her name turned up on a White House call log, several beltway insiders close to the investigation say special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald learned of Miller�s involvement from Novak himself.

"Though the GOP hatchetman claims he�s never spoken to the grand jury about the column, a well-known Democratic pundit tells Radar, 'Novak is the media�s Joseph Valachi,' referring to the 1960�s mafia capo who was the first mobster to testify against La Cosa Nostra. 'There�s no question he rolled over.'"

Okay: TMI; the vivid image of Novak "rolling over" just caused us to dry heave. More here

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