Friday, July 29, 2005

A Little of the Old In and Out


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In: Lynda Carter. Hollywood loves a second act, just ask Robert Evans and John Travolta. At present, we appear to be in the midst of a risorgimento di Lynda Carter. After years of relative obscurity gracing galas as a trophy wife and Irritable Bowel Syndrome advocate (Averted Gaze) on the DC power circuit, Carter is back -- older, wiser, more effervescent -- starring in "Sky High," and "The Dukes of Hazzard." These quotes from Linda Carter, from Moviehole:

"... I�ll always be type cast. It�s a moniker: Wonder Woman is: Lynda �Wonder Woman� Carter.�

" ... You have to remember the time period, and in the 70s the only women on television were comediennes doing half-hour or variety shows � Carol Burnett, Mary Tyler Moore, Laverne and Shirley. Angie Dickinson did have a cop show but it was with a male partner. The Bionic Woman and I came along at exactly the same time � and they had to resurrect the former. God, a woman can never carry a show, and there were no women on the sets except for the script supervisor. But things have changed a lot and it was great to be kind of pioneering woman in television and having the people that makes these projects realise that there�s a huge market for female characters and doesn�t have to be about guns and guys.�

And, most importantly, re: speculation on the Wonder Woman-Joss Whedon project:

"As for the much talked about 'Wonder Woman' feature film being set up, Carter is very clear who should NOT play the character. 'People have talked about Sandra Bullock but she�s too old and so is Catherine Zeta-Jones. You want someone that is really fresh, but more importantly, someone who gets it; someone who doesn�t play Wonder Woman. I never played Wonder Woman, just this woman from the island where all of her sisters could do the same thing that she could do. I think Wonder Woman lives in all of us. There�s that secret person that is not just one of those things but all of them.'�


Some hipster asshole sets fire to the party food and -- surprise -- lands on thecobrasnake.

Out: TheCobrasnake. As you can see by the Pictures, The Corsair is a little obsessed with TheCobrasnake and why these so called "hipsters" are so interested in posing for the cameras yet offer up opprobrium to the whole fashion-modelling industrial complexx. Anyway, this old post from MyBlogispoop is perhaps the best send-up of the whole phenomenon.


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In: JK Rowling. Condoleeza Rice is, according to Forbes, the most powerful woman in the world. Not far behind, though, is JK Rowling. According to Hello!Magazine:

"A celebrity mother-of-three whose talent has earned her a �650-million fortune has been named the UK's most powerful woman.The mind behind Harry Potter, 39-year-old author JK Rowling, has topped the list compiled by Forbes magazine, unseating the woman who held the spot last year, the Prime Minister's wife Cherie Blair.

"JK, who was at number 85 on the overall roster of the world's 100 most powerful women last year, has moved up to 40th place."

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Alice P. said...

Never realized that JK Rowling looks creepily like post-plastic surgery Linda Tripp.