Friday, July 08, 2005

Update 7-11-2005: Again, no posts today. No, I am not hung over. There are a lot of interesting things in the pipeline (nothing definite, but looking positive) that The Corsair will be able discuss at a later date whether or not it works out. Wish me luck. Be back tomorrow.

No posts today due to writing deadline. Sorry, R

Best of The Corsair:

President Al
Mr. Belvedere Sits on His Balls
Jacko Has KFC for Lunch and Dinner
Jann Wenner Laughs
Fitty Cent's Concert Rider
Halle Gives Away Eric's Clothes
Open Water
Irvine Welsh and Damien Hirst
Holly Robinson Peete Has Baby at Oscar Party (Can you say "Country"?)
Ralph Lauren: Obstructionist
The Anchormen
A Note to PBS (If only they had listened ...)
Blackberry Morasses
The Ron Mwangaguhunga PS122 Reading
Susan Shapiro Lights Up


Anonymous said...

Good luck with, um, the things in your pipeline.

The Corsair said...

ahh, blog love: my readers are the filthiest.

(S)wine said...

yes! waiting to hear the good word.

The Corsair said...

Let's hope it's good. It may take a while for me to come clean cause I don't want to jinx it, but whether it works out or not, I'll most definitely get some blog mileage out of it.

Gamesmaster said...

At Cyber-Pope we too have things in the pipeline, so perhaps you'd be interested in an exchange of positive vibes?

We've just set out on our campaign to make our faith, Confusionism, the official religion of the London 2012 Olympics. We could use someone like you and my personal relationship with the Almighty could help move your things a bit further up that pipeline.

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