Thursday, July 28, 2005

What is wrong with Tara Reid?

There's nothing wrong with getting drunk once in a while. But if you get so goddamned snookered that you can't even achieve the upright posture (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment), and your ass cheeks leak out from 'neath the requisite denim mini skirt like overbaked Virginia hams (Averted Gaze) ... well, then your name must be: Tara Reid


(Thanks to Laurie at via the brilliant celebrityscum via my magnificent blog wife at socialitelife)

Fucking sloppy, slatternly Tara Reid, you gotta love her. More arresting images of Drunken Tara here.


Carolyn said...

Okay - I agree that the buns have been in the oven too long, but I think it's kinda hot. Can you imagine what Nicole Richie's ass looks like? A concave souffle, perhaps? Ooh! How 'bout a
Tofu Cheese Souffle

The Corsair said...


The Corsair said...

It is kind of hott, though. I'm not averse to a spot of overbaked virginia ham once in a while.

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Surely, the guy is totally just.