Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Prince Albert: More Paternity Claims


Ay caramba! Everyone's favorite Monegasque who can't quite keep his trousers on is at it again. One would think that with 700 years of Grimaldi rule a little discipline would be in order. Quite the contrary. According to Hello!Magazine:

"Prince Albert has a date with destiny today as he is formally invested as Monaco's new monarch. Amid the fanfare and celebrations there will also be fresh controversy, however, as the sovereign has admitted he is expecting further paternity claims to be made against him.

"Speaking in an interview on the eve of his coronation, the 47-year-old warned his subjects that Nicole Cost, a former Air France flight attendant, would not be the only woman alleging he fathered their children. 'I know there are other people who have nearly the same cases,' he revealed."

Yes, While The Corsair is well aware that Monte Carlo is a legendary gambling mecca, such roguish activities ought not to intrude upon the --ahem -- boudoir. As The Corsair's Resident Advisor once sagely counseled at the outset of a productive college term, "Bag it." Sound advice.

"His confession comes just days after Albert confirmed reports the stewardess' little boy Alexandre was indeed his son. The latest revelations are unlikely to put a dampener on Tuesday's festivities, though, with the people of Monaco preparing for an appropriately spectacular celebration. Proceedings got underway with a mass at 11am and the revelry is expected to continue late into the night."


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