Thursday, July 01, 2004

Spike Lee Talks ... and Talks

Is Spike Lee trying to reignite his feud with red hot Hollywood director Quentin Tarrantino? Does he want to start one with Queen Latifa? Who knows; Spike is in rare form though, in this cover feature with The Independent Magazine, in the July/August 2004 issue with cute editor, Rebecca Carroll:

"(Spike) acknowledge that there have been truly independent films being made, although Pulp Fiction, widely perceived as the film that set the independent renaissance into motion, isn't one of them.

Spike Lee: "Was (Pulp Fiction) really an independent film? I don't think so."

Rebecca Carroll: "Why do you think they wrote (Barbershop) that way?

Spike: "The movie made a lot of money. And there is Barbershop 2, and Latifah's spinoff, Beauty Shop. I love Latifah, but that Bringing Down the House movie she did was bordering on Aunt Jemima.

"... People don't understand that we are still putting on a minstrel show -- half these motherfucking rappers don't know that they are repeating the same history. If somebody came down from space and turned on BET, and looked at black people in music videos, they'd think it was a minstrel show."

The Corsair agrees with the always outspoken Spike on the Latifah comment and the BET comment and not much else.


astralgirl01 said...

Good for Spike... I totally agree, hip-hop nowadays is nothing but a minstrel show for white Midwestern teeneagers.

It's a sad thing... I can't even watch BET due to how degrading and insulting it is (yep, I'm a Black female)...

The Queen Latifah comment is kinda harsh, tho... BDTH was not an Oscar-winning performance by any means... hmm, well, now that I think about it, it was pretty awful.

Ron said...

you know, sometimes Spike can be acute in his rants. I remember the first time I saw the trailer with Steve Martin acting like a thug, hitting on Latifah, and Eugene Levy saying something to the effect of "word up, dawg." I buried my face in hy hands, astral. It was bad ... real bad. Apparently the film actually made money on that shtick.

astralgirl01 said...

And btw, whaddya think of Bill Cosby's newest rants? I love the widely-published pic of Bill getting his rage on (with sunglasses intact, nonetheless) while Jesse Jackson sits in the background, knowing he's got a lot of 'splaining to do...

anti said...

agree wholeheartedly with Spike on Latifah, my mind isn't made up on the BET videos though. I think that's a culture alot of us just don't get.