Monday, July 19, 2004

More Best of Corsair
I'm a little slow today, but in the meantime, for all the new readers, here are some "best of ..." posts:
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Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Story
The Charlie Rose Drinking Game
Governor Rowland Must resign
RZA is Crazy


astralgirl01 said...

RE: Charlie Murphy... I have a great bit of gossip:

A good friend of mine is an executive at a Viacom network with a gender-specific theme... recently, Charlie Murphy's people were pitching a TV show to the network, and apparently the higher-ups didn't know who he was (they just thought it was Eddie's bro coming in for a job), so they didn't get the importance of how amazing it would have been to get a CM TV show.

So they turned him down (and apparently in a very rude fashion), even after my friend implored them not do it... and don't you know that a week later, Margeaux's interview came out, Newsweek covers him, and the CM solo TV show buzz has picked up real steam (and it looks like Dave Chappelle is thinking about not doing Chappelle Show, as he's burned out and now getting big $$ movie offers).

Apparently heads will be rolling in the near future at this network... oops.

Ron said...

OMG: How can one not know who Charlie Murphy is!!! Isn't Comedy Central owned by Viacom?!!! Argh!

astralgirl01 said...

you'd be surprised how uninformed these network people are...

my friend says that this channel also dropped the ball on the Christopher Walken talk/cooking show-- they played hardball too long, and so CW, being the bad-ass that he is, simply said screw it and walked.

it's sad... they hired my friend to come in and update the channel into something cutting-edge and super-cool (as he's won numerous awards for design and show concept), but as always, the old corporate fogies are afraid of change and of becoming "too un-mainstream" (he was actually told this in a meeting).

ugh. so viacom will continue to pimp sub-standard TV to the masses for all eternity.

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