Monday, September 27, 2004

Kevin Costner's Waterworld Wedding

49 year old former A-Lister Kevin Costner wed 30 year old handbag designer Christine Baumgarten in an open air ceremony with nearly 300 guests, including boldfacers like Bruce Willis, Oprah Winfrey, Tim Allen and Alexander helmer Oliver Stone. "Baumgartner's gown was designed by Monique Lhuillier," writes USA Today, "(and) the groom wore Ralph Lauren."

Kevin Costner's favorite song, Rolling Stones' Brown Sugar started up as soon as the nups were completed. Baumgartner arrived in a green Chevy pick up, according to Megastar, as Costner showed up on a horse drawn wagon.

ThisisLondon writes:

"Around the wall of the reception marquee were black- and- white portraits of the happy couple fishing, riding horses and playing golf.

Which harkens back to Costner's Tin Cup, also about golfing. How Hollywood.


"There were still photographs from Costner's latest western film Open Range and a disco featured his collection of 70s records, many of which were hits before his bride was born."


Let's hope this marriage fares better than Waterworld, which was considered a domestic flop, making a Total US Gross of $88,246,220 on a Production Budget of $175 million.

According to Hello! Magazine:

" ... Once the enamoured pair had made their vows ... The Waterworld star then showed off his boating skills, by taking his new bride for a romantic ride in a kayak."

ThisisLondon writes:

"Costner was previously married to Cindy Silva, mother of three of his four children. The 16-year marriage began to unravel when she caught him cheating with a married Hula dancer in Hawaii while filming his box office flop, Waterworld."

Earlier this month, according to The New York Post, "Costner took Christine out for a champagne picnic in the canoe � and it began to sink.

"'Christine began using her champagne flute to bail out water while Kevin rowed furiously for land,' a source told Ireland Online. "

The Corsair wishes Kevin better luck this time.


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