Friday, September 17, 2004

Justin and Cameron: Taking a Love Break

You know how 'tis: Living La Vida Loca. Entourages. Bodyguards with 'Roid Rage. The video shoots with "the chicken heads." The chicken heads afterwards spilling their beans to the tabloids.

So you see: It's not easy being a young A-List couple. Ask Bennifer (the first Bennifer, not the sequel) Sometimes, during the course of a 15-month relationship, one heavily covered by the media, a couple needs what I like to call, a "love break." To smooth things out.

According to The Mirror, that's exactly what Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake are doing:

"Plans for a lavish Christmas wedding have been put on ice while the couple take stock of their 15-month relationship."

"An insider said: 'It's all very amicable but they both feel desperately in need of some time out.

"'They are both huge stars and sometimes the pressures of being in the public eye can be too much.

"'Of course they love each other but they are trying to decide what's best for them.'"

Yeah, but The Corsair wants to know who decided to bring this up.

"'Finishing it seems so final so they've agreed to allow each other some breathing space.'"

So, who wanted the oxygen?

"'There were lots of tears but it's only a temporary break and they will then decide if they want to give it a second try.' Singer Justin, 23, and actress Cameron, 32, have become Hollywood royalty."

Yeah, but who cried first?

"The insider added: 'Every aspect of their relationship is under the microscope and both find it quite hard to cope with.'"

So, who got out from under the lense?

"'The public interest is a thousand times more intense because they are both so famous. They are great friends - they have so much in common.'"

Who didn't share a common affection for the other?

"Cameron stood by Timberlake after a British model claimed she had slept with him."

Oh oh.

"She said: 'I trust Justin. This woman just wants her moment in the spotlight. It's hurtful.'"


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