Thursday, September 01, 2005

Jerry Bruckheimer Gets the Gasface


(image via cnn)

There are any number of things to be pissed off at Jerry Bruckheimer about. The nutritionally empty Amazing Race, for one. That godawful Pearl Harbor, is, of course, another unfortunate Bruckheimer act of intellectual pollution (Averted Gaze).

Sir Anthony Hopkins, it seems, has found himself a novel method of dummying up the proprietor of the Jerry Bruckheimer empire. In the September/October issue of Hollywood Life:

"Lawrence Gabriel: You make acting sound simple. Learn your lines, show up, get on with it. Is it really that easy?

"Anthony Hopkins: Yeah, yeah. I take the script, sit down with a bunch of pencils and markers and go through it very thoroughly until I feel relaxed inside. I learn the script. Then I go throught the preparation, the wardrobe, and I know where I am and what I'm going to do. If they start rewriting on the set I say, 'No, no. I've done my preparation, don't start rewriting it now.' I always make sure that the rewrites come in time so I can learn them. When I worked with Chris Rock on Bad Company, the producer, Jerry Bruckheimer, would rewrite stuff, and I said to him one day, 'Why do you do this? To torture us? I just want to let you know when you send me these new pages I throw them in the trash.' People were shocked: 'You talk to Jerry Bruckheimer that way?' Yeah, screw it. If he sends me pages on the day we're shooting , they go in the trash can."

"Lawrence Gabriel: Did he send you new pages after that?

"Anthony Hopkins: No."

(sotto voce) 'Why do you do this? To torture us?' Brilliant. So goddam brilliant it makes me want to pee myself like Fergie. On behalf of all of us who paid money to see Pearl Harbor, a heartfelt thanks, Sir Anthony.

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Subhash said...

On the commentary of the 'Titus' DVD, Sir Hopkins explains what he does when he disagrees with a director. Bruckheimer's people should have seen it coming.