Friday, September 30, 2005

Martha to Cater the Katie Holmes-Tom Cruise Wedding


(image via prettypatty)

Okay: Here's our thoughts on how the TomKat scenario plays itself out: IMHO, They drag out this little engagement as if it were Tara Reid after a fifth of Beefeater Gin. Then, after dragged out to the n-th degree, it fizzles out; Katie gets paid some serious scratch and both remain friends ("people grow apart, but Katie's such a wonderful person") and publicly never badmouth each other. That is my guess; this, though, According to LA SocialDiarist:

"Although they�ve been out of the public glare lately, apparently things are moving right along with the matrimonial department for Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. Late word just arrived that Katie has approached the Duchess of Domesticity, the Queen of Cuisine, none other than Martha Stewart herself, about catering the much heralded nuptials of Tom and Katie. And incredibly, Martha reportedly said yes."

Curious: More LA SocialDiarist here.


Bubbles, Ink. said...

yea, that'll be the final challenge for her retarded apprentice. Props to Alexis, though, for looking damn good in that conference room.

gasface to that typical white male executive of a leech who keeps licking that hundred-dollar stogey like a slobbering succubus.

Ron said...

I'll cosign on Alexis.