Friday, September 30, 2005

Jon Stewart's ASME Panel


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No, The Corsair wasn't there; we were the one getting "quietly tight" at Siberia Bar last night. We feel, though, that as we sort of sometimes veer into being a Chattering Class blog -- whatever that is -- we should be doing, well, something. So, by way of what some of the people who were actually there are saying, a "wrap-up," featuring some highlights on the web (And some added links).

Rachel Sklar of FishbowlNY says:

"Backstage, I can see Graydon's unmistakable silhouette (well, the hair is unmistakable; he's a little more portly than imagined). I see him take a deep breath."

Hitchcockian? We thought we knew how to stalk media quarry. Rachel, girlfriend, you get the baton.

"... Out they come, beaming, pleased as punch to be here, sweetly oblivious of the merciless mockery to come. Zinczenko goes in for the close handshake; Jon takes the moment to mug for the cameras. Zinczenko loves it. I have to say, it's weird seeing them all to scale. I always pictured Graydon as tall and ramrod straight; that said I find him a far more likeable presence than I would have expected, thoughtful and jovial and a touch absentminded, almost avuncular. (I think I mentioned that I was sitting in the middle of the front row - I had access, people. No one stalks like Fishbowl!). Jim Kelly seemed jolly and nice with his fluffy white hair and rosy-cheeked smile, as though he'd giggle like the Pillsbury Doughboy if you poked him in the stomach. (For the record, we did not try this.) Kate White looked very Cosmo-appropriate in hot heels and a smart, fashionable outfit; she's got herself some great legs. David Zinczenko presumably also has great legs to match the great abs he'd damn well better have as editor of that magazine."

The full -- entertainining -- report here. Laurel Touby from Mediabistro blogs:

"Enter Suzie Essman (Curb Your Enthusiasm) with a raucous raunch routine, delivered in a heavy New Joisey accent. As (Ed Note: MPA's Tom Ryder and Newsweek's Mark Whittaker made their way offstage, she shot over her shoulder: 'I think I know that guy from years ago (referring to Ryder)... I had never met him before and he said 'whore' to me...and I got up off my knees and marched right out of the men's room...

"I want my own fucking magazine: Fuck You, with features like...'12 Ways to Emasculate Your Husband.' 'Liam Neeson's Huge Penis: Fact or Fiction?' 'Underrated, B-List Fuckable Media Celebs' - Like Wolf Blitzer, not because he's cute but because I've always wanted to be eaten by a wolf." More here.

Gawker's Jess and Jesse write, "... Graydon Carter says it wasn�t a business decision to put Paris Hilton on VF�s cover. She a fascinating cultural blah-blah-blah, he says. He does not look at demographics, he says ... 'Bullshit,' yells one audience member, on behalf of everyone else."

And from Folio's, Dylan Stableford, "Presiding over a dais of top consumer magazine editors, Jon Stewart, Emmy award winning comedian and host of The Daily Show, skewered Time�s Jim Kelly, Vanity Fair�s Graydon Carter, Cosmopolitan�s Kate White and Dave Zinczenko of Men�s Health in front of 1,000-plus industry and advertising executives on Thursday evening at Lincoln Center in New York.

�'Do the men on the cover always have to be�what�s the word�glistening?' Stewart asked Zinczenko of Men�s Health. "

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