Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Jermaine-Michael Correspondence


"When the rain begins to fall," our song. (image via

And, no, a Jermaine Jackson-Michael Jackson correspondence is not like the Melville-Hawthorne correspondence, although ... (The Corsair drains a glass of tawny Port) it does have its own charming "vagabondish telos." For one thing, there's no actual dialogue; Jermaine alone existentially inquires after Michael. In what RadarOnline describes, with a nimble touch of inspired Dostoievskian melodrama, as an "eerily one-way correspondence from the early nineties, recovered from a New Jersey warehouse filled with Jackson family documents and memorabilia," we get this "Note From the Underground," as it were, a real chestnut. Here's a taste -- According to RadarOnline:

"Michael, I really need you to present the lifetime achievement award to Berry Gordy for what he has done for us from the very beginning�. Please help us out just this one day; call me back in Gstadd [sic].*

We'd pay cash money to hear Jermaine pronounce that location. Cash-fucking-money; homie can't even spell the city where he's at. And:

"Michael,Give me a call at (818) 788-XXXX. I really need to talk to you. As a brother, I have a lot of things to tell you. I miss you a lot.
Love always, Jermaine"

And, most germaine to this discussion: "To Evvy [MJ assistant, Evelyn Tavasci],It is very crucial that I speak to my brother.

"Evvy" notwithstanding (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment), they couldn't get in touch with Michael. He may or may not have been struggling with those pesky pedophilia charges.

The full cache here.

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