Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A Little of the Old In and Out


(Karen Tapia-Andersen / LAT)

In: Bob Iger. All eyes -- and Mickey Mouse ears -- are trained on Iger, who is set to take over the reins at Disney on Saturday. Will the regime change go swimmingly, or will things go ... sideways (A theme park in Seoul? WTF?!). Iger inherits Disney at a fairly good time (ABC TV had the best opening week in 5 years) but he is not without his critics. Says the LATimes:

"Unlike the moribund studio and theme park company Eisner took over in 1984, Iger inherits a top-tier media conglomerate, albeit one that faces steep challenges. Among them: changes in moviegoing and DVD-buying habits, the continued splintering of television viewership as the number of channels proliferate and figuring out how to exploit Disney's vast array of entertainment in the digital and wireless world."

Iger's got his work cut out for him in this new digital wilderness.


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Out: Congressman Tom Delay, "The Hammer" Brought Low. (The Corsair sips a crisp Montrachet) The House Majority Leader has been indicted. Quoth The Old Gray Lady:

"The indictment of Mr. DeLay, while not entirely unexpected, still reverberated through the Capitol. The House Republican rules require a member of the leadership to step down, at least temporarily, if indicted. Representative David Dreier of California is expected to replace him.

"A conviction on the felony charge against Mr. DeLay, 58, carries a maximum sentence of two years in prison."


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Out: Kate Moss. Just when you thought you had OD'd -- pun intended -- on Kate Moss gossip, here's a final, juicy bump ("rusty pipes!"), of "Vitamin C" from Reuters via Beitbart via Drudge):

"A documentary is set to show footage of British supermodel Kate Moss which Sky One says shows her snorting cocaine, as the furor over her alleged drug taking which cost her lucrative advertising deals refuses to go away.

" ... Sky One said its documentary 'Kate Moss: Fashion Victim?' would provide a balanced debate over the role of the media and the fashion industry and ask whether Moss could continue her career.

"The documentary aims to paint an honest picture of the landscape that formed the backdrop to the saga and in a worldwide exclusive, features video footage of the widely-reported incident involving Moss and her self-confessed heroin addict boyfriend, Pete Doherty,' Sky said."

"... The Sky One documentary will be shown on October 3."

We're so there (Anyone have SkyTV?); do you even have to ask?


In: "Gandhi Pants" Although Mahatma Gandhi never saw fit to wear trousers, we hear his quotations adorn Jennifer Aniston's concave ass-cheeks. Apparently, Jennifer Aniston is wearing legible clothing with quotations from the great Indian reformer to get over Brad Pitt. (The Corsair makes a swift comprehensive gesture around the blogosphere) Just what precisely is that motherfucker packing in the way of penis that his absence causes A-List actresses to go positively goofy? According to the 3AM Girls:

"A confidante of the Friends beauty gave her a book containing some of the teachings of the revered religious and political leader soon after she split from the 41-year-old Troy hunk Brad at the beginning of this year.

"And it appears that the deceased holy man's words have inspired her to change her lifestyle.

"... Friends of the star say she is devastated by the way Brad is flaunting his relationship with Lara Croft star Angelina Jolie, 30.

"Jennifer has been seen alone on a beach in Malibu, wearing a T-shirt bearing Gandhi's words: 'Defeat cannot dishearten me. It can only chasten me. I know that God will guide me. Truth is superior to man's wisdom.'

"She also owns a pair of trousers with one of the leader's most famous sayings: 'I have nothing new to teach the world, truth and non-violence are as old as the hills,' printed on them."

It comes as a complete surprise to know that Jennifer Aniston contains enough buttock to support that sentence.


Anonymous said...

That's really hard to believe: how does that even fit on an Aniston-sized pair of pants? And she's ogling her own tits and thighs every time she has a weak moment? Points to them for creativity...

Ron said...

I'll admit, it does sound implausible.

Carolyn said...

Guys, the pants say "IHNNTTTW..." in 12 point Helvetica, duh!

Ron said...

blog love, Carolyn!

Sarah said...

Here around Austin the DeLay indictment story never went away. It's been on the local news for the past year or so. Since the local elections (and redistricting disaster), Ronnie Earl and a lot of others have had it in for DeLay. It's taken so long to bring a case against him because the guy runs our state's politics now. Texas used to be die-hard democrat, but it's not anymore, thanks in large part to DeLay and Shrub.