Monday, September 26, 2005

Did Jessica Alba Just Zing Director John Stockwell?

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Jessica Alba, whose "Into the Blue" will, no doubt, do brisk business next weekend, is putting geeky male directors with ideas of domination on notice. On AMC's "Sunday Morning Shootout" she took the punks down down a beeyotch notch with extreme prejudice:

"Peter Bart: .. I once did a picture with Roman Polanski. His attitude -- particularly towards actresses -- was, he'd go through 20, 30 takes. He said, 'I want to break her down.' I thought, 'Boy, that's a (hard) attitude to take (towards an actress) ... have you ever had to go that many takes with a director?

"Jessica Alba: (pensive) Yeah, it seems like ... uh ... (pause) direc-- male directors ... but ... yeah (diplomatically) directors get to really break down their actors and, uhm, usually men ... I find that probably directors who don't have a lot of luck with women on their own personal time really use the forum of the set to break down the woman and feel like 'The Big Cheese,' so to say. So, yes I have had directors try to do that to me and -- luckily -- I kind of beat them to it.

"Uberguber: I'm not surprised.

"Paul Walker: (laughing) I've witnessed it.

"Jessica Alba: --I do, I call them out, I say, 'look, if this is what you want, I'll get there, but you don't need to demean me.'"

Bravo, Jessica Alba. The skeevy Roman Polanski as sex predator mention doesn't surprise us at all. But we are most curious about Paul Walker's laughing, sly, "I've witnessed it" comment thrown in there but not followed up upon. Then again, could they really follow up on the gnostic double-secret meanings of that utterance when Peter Guber, "Into the Blue's" producer, was one ot the interviewers?

Still, enquiring minds want to know: was Paul Walker talking about Jessica's relationship with Director/chicks-in-bathing-suits film connoisseur John Stockwell? (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment)

We are most curious.

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