Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Katie Coric to Interview Condi on 60 Minutes


To the Katie-Haters.

We admire CBS' bold news experiment and their victories. We grew up on a steady diet of CBS Evening News -- Sadat, Apartheid's Fall, the Busting of the Berlin Wall -- and so we follow this incarnation of Black Rock raptly. Katie Couric's firm conversational interview style on the 60 Minutes piece on the health hazards of September 11 caused Giuliani to do a 180 degree turn (As opposed to Wallace's alpha male style, which failed spectacularly against Amadinejad). Now, Couric fixes her steely gaze on Rice. According to TVNewser:

"Katie Couric profiles Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on the 39th season premiere of 60 Minutes, this Sunday on CBS.

"Rice 'opens her rarely glimpsed private life to Couric in a 60 Minutes profile that also includes questions on our nation's foreign policy,' the network says. Portions of the profile, 'including outtakes, will also appear' on the broadcast's Yahoo! microsite.


Anonymous said...

The success of Katie-news is just that no one cares to think about her really. That converts to another way of saying "comfortable" - and we all know TV-News should be "comfortable" for advertisers.

So in this great comfort-zone moment, NOW finally comes Katie for the Condi Rice "at home" interview...

If tv-programming history shows anything, it's that big rating numbers do not indicate what was the better program in any content or value level, but where some target audience's gawker- or comfort-zones have been well lined up and connected. Katie is just alot of those dots connected to form a screen, to project onto the fantasy of belief in her, as we (are forced) to read about her legs, her fashion changes, her haircuts, her...etc.

Yeah, Katie, go interview condi rice and maybe start with that line of yours, you know, you think "Navy Seals rock". That should set the tone.

Anonymous said...

Condi uses, or some would say pimps (Geroge Curry),the Civil Rights movement in her interview with Couric. I found this an uncomfortable comparison and a manipulation to get more people on the side of staying in Iraq.

The same people who would lynch black people are the same politcally red folks now keeping our young men (many who would have been targets during the civil rights movement)in Iraq.