Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Note to AOL: Tara Reid is a Jinx!


AOL is Distributing thier Direct-To-Download Effort. According to Paidcontent:

"... And it is a Tara Reid movie, so it deserves not to get theatrical distribution. AOL is premiering Adam Shapiro�s new horror film, 'Incubus,' online for download (direct-to-download), for $7.99 ($7.99 for purchase, $3.49 for a five-day rental, no burning to a DVD) on its soon-to-be relaunched teen site, AOL Red, starting on Halloween. DVDs will go on sale a month later. Shapiro and his partner decided to go direct to download after they were unable to find a good deal for theatrical release."

Damn. Poor Tara Reid.

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