Monday, September 18, 2006

Kudos to CBS

(image via zap2it)

Has someone at Black Rock been reading this blog? According to Bill Maher, CBS offered him a spot last week -- the week we said aloud what a good choice to replace cranky, Methuselan Andy Rooney slot on "60 Minutes" -- on the "Free Speech" segment on Katie Courik's broadcast.

Unfortunately, Maher decided to speak on the radioactive topic of religion (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment). The idea, as you can imagine (potential loss of sponsors at a precarious beginning of the Couric project), was nixed. Leave it to Bill Maher to talk himself out of a shot at ending his Network television exile. Perhaps Bill, like Howard Stern, is better suited to the more libertarian-minded HBO and satellite radio atmosphere.

Still, while we would have loved to see Maher on the Eveving News riffing profanely on the subject of organized religion, we realize that that is goddamn fucking impossible. At least CBS made a solid, and bold offer to give our Modern Day Mark twain another chance at their millions of viewers.


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