Monday, September 11, 2006

Wild Horses Can't Be Tamed .. And Neither Can Pat Buchanan


(image via billmon)

After Patrick Buchanan's incendiary defense of accused Nazi John Demjanjuk and his consistent blasting of the AIRPC we're fairly sure that his name is officially off the short list for B'Nai Brith Man of the Year (Averted Gaze). But Buchanan is not wholly scurrilous. He is a nostalgic, righteous Archie Bunker type of Id-man. Pat Buchanan longs for the day when "the nigra" would unquestioniningly fetch him his tall Mint julep without sass and women only saught after positions as schoolteachers and governesses.

So we weren't surprised to find that Pat Buchanan's nostalgic paleoconservatism encompasses the horse, whose power embodies American industry and vitality. John Wayne would be proud.

Perhaps symbolic of the differences between Paris and DC, the Freanch -- and Belgians -- have been known, although rarely, to munch the horseflesh. You say tomato ... Steak and potatos Buchanan was, to be sure, horrified. So when last week Congress passes a meaningless piece of legislation designed to frustrate those Frenchies from stocking Whole Foods shelves with rib-eye steaks of Our Friend Flika, well, Buchanan had to speak up on the McLaughlin group:

John McLaughlin: Do you think eating the horse is like eating the bald eagle?

Pat Buchanan: Yes, and I don't think you do something like that unless you're starving to death.

... Abandoned on the prairie in a Heart od Darkness scenario as the Mohicans surround his carriage pounding their war drums. Pat Buchanan will of course not be breaking bread and "cheval" with Horse Muncherer Karl Lagerfeld anytime soon.

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