Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tara Subkoff: Still Watching Channel Zero


"I don't think I can handle/
She goes channel to channel/Cold lookin' for that hero/
She watch channel zero"
Public Enemy, She Watch Channel Zero

Tara Subkoff, what can we -- sigh -- say about Tara Subkoff? She was a promising player on the New York scene once upon a time. She married well, yes she did; yes she did. (Crickets) She did the costuming for Life Aquatic. She is the bantamweight behind Imitation of Christ (Averted Gaze).

Another year, another pan of Tara's ultra-pretentious Imitation of Christ label at the tents. Plus ca change; plus la meme chose.

Danica Lo of the NYPost busts a cap in Tara Subkoff's detumescent ass:

"THE jury's still out on the best collection of Fashion Week. But for sheer spectacle, we have a winner - Sunday's Imitation of Christ show. Tara Subkoff's takes-itself-very-seriously label either makes you want to immediately to blow a month's rent on one of her looks, or gouge your eyeballs out with the heels of your stilettos.
This season Subkoff bought hard into the '90s trend. She went concept all the way, holding her show in a wayward abandoned warehouse (wait for it) under a bridge, in the middle of nowhere west Chelsea. You half expected spectators to break out in songs from 'Rent.'

"Still, Scarlett Johansson turned up to see the new 'collection' - a very loosely defined word for Subkoff. Any sense of cohesiveness seemed lost somewhere between her extensive run-of-show notes and the catwalk.

"Instead, let's just call this a 'bunch of clothes' (culled from the rails at the Salvation Army like so many designers do these days) that were hurled down the runway on the backs of some East Village types - friends of Subkoff who may or may not have had previous 'modeling' experience."

Oh, sweet Jesus no, No,

Well, yes. (NYPost)

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