Saturday, September 23, 2006

Brandon Davis Gets Beat Down


The ass farthest to the Left would be Davis. (image via thebosh)

Entourage's punchy Kevin Connolly did what oh so many of us dream about, namely -- To beat Brandon Davis' ass. Really rock his world, you know? Let him know that someone out there cares.

What do you suppose Davis -- who, we cannot fail to note, looks not unlike a Liza Minnelli drag queen, circa 1977 -- emitted as his head whiplashed back under the hideous force of Connolly's fist? Was there a steady spray of Hair gel and vodka (Exaggerated cough suggesting feigned detachment)? According to those intrepid Page Sixxies:

"BLOATED Brandon Davis was punched in the face Thursday night by Kevin Connolly ... After an US Weekly party at L.A. hot spot Area, Paris Hilton held an after-hours bash at her Beverly Hills home. Pamela Anderson, Courtney Love, Dave Navarro - and past Hilton conquests Paris Latsis and Stavros Niarchos - arrived with Davis, Nicky Hilton and Nicky's boyfriend, Connolly. One partier told us: 'Brandon and Nicky decided to run around and call everyone a 'loser' or 'whore' - like the way other people call each other 'sweety' or 'honey'. ' Connolly didn't like either word and when the oil heir wouldn't stop, Connolly 'smacked him.' Davis, grandson of the late oil billionaire Marvin Davis, shrieked and cursed insults, prompting Connolly to 'punch him in the face two times.' After the beat-down, Connolly told blogger Perez Hilton: 'He just can't talk to me the way he talks to other people.'"

Evidently. Connolly, you'll remember, also got into a "dance" with pro-skateboarder -- ! -- Chad Muska. Muska made a lewd comment about Nicky Hilton --we cannot fathom a skateboarder doing that -- and got his ass beat. TKO. Connolly, thus far, is 2-0 in Hollywood Fight Club.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah, this is one of those reasons that Kevin Connolly and Nicky Hilton are not together any longer. She still acts like she's 17 and he's a guy's guy. How did they ever stay together so long?
You know, the story goes that he cheated on her, and there is never a good reason for that. But, Nicky Hilton always looks like a cold b*tch to Kevin in pictures they took together. She always turned away from him and not into him. Maybe he was seeking affection elsewhere. Remember, people, she left her husband for him.