Wednesday, September 13, 2006

50 Cent Interrupts Carolina Herrera


(image via taiohi)

Our favorite rapper who has a tour rider that demands Cold Slaw (sp) is at it again, bringing his own special brand of ultraviolence to the tents. There hasn't been this much of hullabaloo since Wintour -- the one who rocked Bob Marley's world -- demanded that they remove the popcorn machines because it reminded her of her natural instincts to actually eat. From NYSocialDiary's guest editor Alexandra Wolfe:

"'Did you hear how 50 Cent almost knocked someone out with a fold-up chair on Friday?' my friend�s voice shrieked from my cell phone as I got out of a taxi in front of the big white Fashion Week tents in Bryant Park.

�'What? Why?' I asked, straining to hear her as I walked through the crowd of clackedy-clack fashion editors and socialites on their way into the Carolina Herrera show Monday morning at 10am.

�'He was at the Baby Phat show and some guy was sitting in the seat next to him, and 50 Cent wanted one of his friends to sit there. The guy wouldn�t move so 50 Cent picked up his chair and was about to hit him with it when security came!'

�'This was during a fashion show?' I asked, incredulous.

�'Yup,' she confirmed. 'And because of that the show had to start an hour and 15 minutes late.'"

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