Monday, September 11, 2006

Flavio Briatone is an Ass


(image via grandprix)

Flavio Briatore, who has all but abandoned his only child with supermodel Heidi Klum, Leni, is being a dickhead yet again. Using a loophole he is avoiding the new luxury yacht taxes in Sardinia. According to Luxist:

"Where do would you go to fight a yacht tax? How about a nightclub called Billionaire. The club, owned by serial modelizer and Formula One manager Flavio Briatore, was the setting for a new debate in Sardinia. Briatore is protesting new taxes for the megarich yacht owners who flock to Sardinia's ports. New laws charge owners of megayachts for port usage, charge fees on larger private planes each time they land and levy large taxes on those with large second homes on the island."

While we do not necesarily disagress with the sentiment of these impromtu taxes used to cash in on Sardinia's hotness as a destination for the wealthy, there are other ways -- media and political ways -- for a billionaire to go on this. Then again, consider how he behaved with Klum and it seems he was just being a dickhead as usual.

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