Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Steve O Loved Being With Nicole Ritchie For The Press


In happier days. (image via timeinc)

Why anyone would wanty to fuck the skanky "Jackass" bunch is beyond The Corsair. While we allow that the whole daredevil aspect has not an insignificant amount of charm on the ladies ... why? Why did Nicole Ritchie "hook up" with Steve O? You know he will not be discrete; you know he will do something to embarrass her. Nicole Ritchie's bad life decisions, take 22. According to Marksfriggin:

"Howard asked (Jackass') Bam if he has any pressure on him when he's banging chicks. Steve said he feels some pressure when he's with chicks. He said he never did do Nicole Ritchie but he did jerk off a few times while he was in bed with her. He said she was dead asleep while he was rubbing one out the first time. He was going back and forth thinking about her and other chicks while he was doing that. He said that she was totally awake while he was doing it the other two times he did it though. He thinks that she was into it.

"Steve said he didn't want to offend Nicole in any way because he really wanted to be in the tabloids with her. He said he ended up getting sick and tired of the comments they were posting in the paper about stuff he wasn't really saying about her.

"Robin said she heard that Nicole got Steve off of coke. Steve said he met her while he was on a coke binge and he was having so much fun with her that he got off the coke for a while. He hasn't done coke in over 8 months now. He said he loved being with her but it was just for the press."

Nicole sure knows how to pick her indiscrete, coke-headed, users, n'est-ce pas?

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