Saturday, September 23, 2006

White House Aides Bitchy


Our favorite Dickensian villain Robert Novak (cue to Bach's chilling Toccata in D Minor) goes back to shilling for unnamed sources within the Bush Admisitration with this astonishingly bitchy column (even for him):

"Before reaching agreement Thursday, the Bush White House was not happy about the defection of Chairman John Warner and two other Senate Armed Services Committee Republicans on the military tribunals issue, but was most upset with Sen. Lindsey Graham.

"Presidential aides claim that Graham had been on board with the administration's language until Sen. John McCain opposed it in early September. They contend that Graham is aiming at being attorney general in a McCain Cabinet."

One can almost imagine this thoroughly bitchy unnamed source delivering this with the added aside, "besides" -- sotto voce -- "it's a well-known fact that Lindsay Graham has the cooties."

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