Saturday, September 30, 2006

Lola Ogunnaike Bitchslaps Flavor of Love

(image via nytimes)

Yummy, self-possesed New York Times scribe Lola Ogunnaike wraps up what most African-Americans -- at least the ones The Corsair talks to -- really feel about VH1's top rated hit: "Flavor of Love" is a modern-day Stepin Fetchit. It's time to pull the plug, ratings or not. While, yes, there was some charm in the original, ehr, "romance (Averted Gaze)," between 'Gitte Nielson and Flavor Flav, all such train-wreckish warmth has goine frigid. Says, in Tomorrow's Sunday Styles, Ogunnaike:

"'I�m the king of VH1,' he crowed over a surf-and-turf dinner at a soul food restaurant in downtown Los Angeles. 'Your man Flavor Flav is doing his thiiiiing.'

"... The women, who tend to look like castoffs from a bad rap video, dress provocatively (the shorter the skirt, the lower the neckline, the better their chances), engage in raunchy make-out sessions with Flav and, when given the opportunity, profess their undying devotion.

�'You could be across the room and I can feel you,' Krazy, the rare white face on the show, said in a recent episode. (Flav, whose real name is William Drayton, has trouble remembering the contestants� real names, so he gives them nicknames like Deelishis, Toastee and Bootz.) 'My heart is so big and I�m such a compassionate person and I see the same thing in you.' Krazy then broke into song. 'I will be with you forever,' she crooned � off key.

"Occasionally, the women even trade blows. This season�s premiere began with two women brawling over a bed and ended with one contestant defecating on the floor as she raced to the bathroom after a meal that didn�t agree with her.

"... Nicole Young, a fashion designer in Manhattan who is black, said the defecation scene in this season�s premiere turned her off the show for good."

Agreed. The defecation scene -- first reported by our favorite gossip superhero duo Rush and Molloy -- was the moment the show jumped the shark with no turning back.

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