Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Dear Lindsay Lohan: Please Wear Underwear


(image via perezhilton)

Dear Lindsay Lohan: You're wonderful supporting role in Altman's Prairie Home Companion and, no doubt, your much-anticipated role in "Bobby" has initiated talk among those that matter that you might actually have a wonderful career ahead of you.

But somewhere on the road to Oscar something went terribly awry. That, my dear, would be your bald, fuzzless coochie.

Wholly inapprpriate, Linds. Read our lips: we don't want to see yours. Perhaps you felt the need to prove that you do not indeed have a "fire-crotch." Well, that point has been made amply.

Now. Could you please desist? Please put on some undergarments. Put some curtains on your beef curtains.

Charmed, I'm Sure,
The Corsair

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Anonymous said...

Okay . For one, you little dumbfuck. The way you used the word "You're" Means "You are" not the way you wanted it to mean, "Your" is the way to spell it. And two, So what? She didn't expect to have her own personal stalker to take pictures up her dress!

Anonymous said...

I am loving linsay lohan, so much and am loving her anyway whatever she do anyway. FOREVER. I am thinking lonsay lohan just is great and that not she is terrible, she is having a terrible pussy so what, maybe it is not a terrible poussy anyway maybe it is nice

Anonymous said...

i wish that dress was just a little bit shorter