Monday, December 05, 2005

To Charlie Gibson, with Compassion

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You're a good man, Charlie Gibson; keep that head up:

The Motherfuckers. Where was the love?

Here: Have a cold adult beverage, bro; you deserve it.

You've given nothing but blood, sweat and tears to the alphabet network, and they didn't regard you as worthy for "World News Tonight." Aint that a bitch.

As if that isn't bad enough: NBC announces -- obnoxiously -- that the "Today Show" has been number one for a decade.

Nice guys finish last, Charlie. Maybe you ought to raise a little heck, you know?

Everybody loves you. Sure, going out gracious like Koppel has its appeal.

But, keep in mind, you have leverage stronger than a contract. This is a definite Jane Pauley-Deborah Norville moment. If you want it to be.

According to Ken Auletta's New Yorker piece:

"Sawyer and Gibson seem genuinely to admire each other; both are rich, happy, and not leaving anytime soon. 'Charlie and I every few months wander into each other�s office,' Sawyer told me, 'and we ask: Is it time to leave?' In unison, they say, 'Not yet.'"

How now, Charlie?

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