Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A Little of the Old In and Out


The Paper gang. (image via fashionweekdaily)

In: Papermag in LA. The gang at my old haunt Papermag have been in LA for a week now, causing mayhem and all sorts of ruckus. According to Fashionweekdaily:

"Paper magazine has finally invaded the Left Coast to produce a special LA issue. Editors Kim Hastreiter and David Hershkovits flew in an army of writers, editors, stylists, and other talented kids, and set up an office/photography studio/multimedia performance gallery storefront space at ACME in Hollywood. Sponsored by Chrysler, Kodak, Nokia, and Adidas, every second was crackling with creativity and craziness.

"... Future Paper cover girl Bryce Dallas Howard arrived in a long black dress and Stella McCartney shoes (like McCartney, the actress and director Ron Howard�s daughter is a devout vegan). 'This is my prom dress,' Howard confessed, eyeing Kimmel�s sublime, au natural jewelry creations. 'I�m not kidding. I want them to make me a corsage.'

"As guests took their seats, Hastreiter announced, 'I feel like I�ve been on LSD for the past 20 days. This has been such a fun issue to do and we�ll be back next year.' For the main course, waiters passed hamburgers, veggie burgers, fries, and strawberry milkshakes from Fatburger on silver trays. Wolfing down carbs, we spotted China Chow (in Joe�s jeans and a quilted Chanel bag), Francesca Gregorini, DIFFA�s Annelise Estrada, Jerry O�Connell with his arm around girlfriend Rebbeca Romijn, Spike Jones (who is doing a documentary about Maurice Sendak), Juaretsi Saizarbitoria, movie producer Perry Moore, Amanda Demme, Michael Rawson, Jeremy Scott, Jennifer Gross, Danny Masterson and Bijou Phillips, Sarah Sophie Flicker of The Citizens Band, Lo-Fi�s Kelly Cole, Ann Magnuson, Booth Moore of The Los Angeles Times ..."

The full unexpurgated list here.


Tom Ford makes the hair on our arms stand on end, he's so goddamned creepy. (image via towerload via gawker)

Out: Tom Ford, Guest Editor, Vanity Fair. Not content with merely "tarting up" Dakota Fanning and french-kissing mannequins, our favorite controversialist Tom Ford wanted Rachel McAdams bare ass nekkid. (So do we, but we don't hold a position of authority at Conde Nast) Has any "guest editor" -- other than the rather lamentable Kate Moss -- garnered this much attention for a Conde Nast publication? According to RadarOnline:

"We hear flesh-obsessed designer Tom Ford�s gig as guest editor of Vanity Fair�s Hollywood Issue recently hit a kink. Sources close to the glossy say demure rising starlet Rachel McAdams stormed out of a November cover shoot for the annual industry mash note�and fired her publicist�after learning Ford expected her to pose nude.

"According to mag insiders, Ford had prearranged with McAdam�s rep, Wolf Kasteller�s Ame Van Iden, for the in-demand Red Eye actress to appear naked in a group portrait of Hollywood�s breathtaking beauties-of-the-moment, alongside Keira Knightley, Scarlett Johansson, and others. (We presume the shoot was conceived along the tasteful lines of Herb Ritts� iconic 1989 supermodel ensemble, �Stephanie Cindy Christy Tatjana Naomi�, but considering Ford�s involvement it�s possible to imagine a raunchier scenario.)

"Unfortunately for legions of mouth-breathing McAdams fans, we�re told Van Iden neglected to brief her family-friendly charge�who may have been the only actress in Wedding Crashers to keep all her clothes on�about the concept beforehand. When she arrived on the L.A. set and found out what Ford had in mind, we�re told she turned tail and promptly fired Van Iden."

Was the tail vestigal? Maybe the tail was the reason for the no-nudity clause?


(image via johneffkay)

In: John Eff Kennedy. Last night we were wearing our gifted John Eff Kay tee. It's sick; really and truly it is. How else can you explain a t-shirt with a complicated mathematical graffiti design of the JFK assasination. Thanks, John Eff Kay.

Last night, at our local bar, we took off the sweater to reveal said offensive tee-shirt, only to garner real, intense opprobrium from the older weekday clientele who we gather remember the days of Camelot.

"Why would you even wear a tee-shirt like that?" One said, earnestly, with clear disgust in his eyes.

Isn't that reaction reason enough?

Get the gear here.


(image via irtc.org)

Out: Pinch and Judy. (Special thanks to our favorite Canadian for that title). Are you sick of "Pinch" and the high voltage catlike intensity of Judith Miller? Have you read everything that needs to be read on the subject?

Well, you haven't.

FishbowlNY's Rachel Sklar wraps things up nicely:

"A quote from Howell Raines, blaming Judy's editors (and the NYT for failing to disclose who they were): 'I did not know Judy's sources. At the time, I followed the customary Times practice of relying on the supervising desk editor -- in this case, most often the Washington editor and the foreign editor -- to make sure the sourcing on the stories they handled was correct.' Note that Howell Raines did not respond to Mnookin's request for comment in 'Hard News' (and indeed, refused his outstretched hand the one time they met in public). Note also that although Miller spoke to Auletta she declined to speak to Mnookin for his VF article or for 'Hard News.'Now that both Mnookin and Auletta have tapped their sources on this, what's next for the saga of the NYT?"

More, including our favorite Canadian's compendium of all things Pinch and Judy here.


(image via mykindaplace)

In: Fitty Cent. First rule of Entourages: An Entourage has to earn it's keep. Did Baldasare Catiglioni say that? According to the 3AM Girls:

"THE Parisian babes gave him the brush-off last week, but one little setback could never put ladies' man 50 Cent off his sharking.

"Now he just sends his hangers-on to do it on his behalf...

"The bullet-riddled rapper, 30, dispatched a troop of his most trusted flunkies to a London nightclub on Sunday night - to hand-pick a selection of lovelies for a 'private party'.

"A source 'in da' plush Embassy club reveals: '(50 Cent's) goons pitched up and immediately started scouring the club for talent. The place was teeming with attractive girls so they were spoilt for choice.

"'They were telling potential conquests that 50 Cent was hosting a party back at his hotel and that they were all invited.'

"We hear one girl who was more than happy to RSVP with a yes was glamour girl Lauren Pope, who was last seen clambering into the entourage's people-carrier."



(image via ohnotheydidnt)

Out: Liz Hurley. According to the Mail on Sunday (link via ohnotheydidnt), Hurley is slated to play the role of the witch Bellatrix Lestrange in the next Harry Potter movie. Grr. If there is any way for the Harry Potter franchise to sink, this cinematic jinx will find a way to do it.


(image via outofcontext)

In: Larry David Should Host the Oscars. From this day forward we are going to do all in our blogging powers to make sure Larry David hosts the Oscars. He's a brilliant writer, he has few other challenges left to him, he's Mr. Hollywood -- just make this man the host.

Resolved: Larry David should host the Oscars. (And remember you heard it here first)

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