Saturday, December 10, 2005

How Deaf is Foxy Brown?


Inga, Nutty as an Almond Joy. (image via blackwebportal)

Perhaps when mention was made in court that Foxy Brown was "deaf," it was somehow misread by the press corps ("deaf," in urban parlance is a different kettle of fish altogether than "def"). According to those magnificent Page Sixxies yesterday, something rotten is going on in the state of Hip-Hop:

"FOXY Brown, who's on trial for allegedly assaulting a couple of manicurists, flipped out in the Signature Bank on Park Avenue the other day. The hip-hop artist ran into trouble trying to collect $2,000 in cash, said a source: 'She got abusive and started screaming. She cursed out a bank manager and humiliated this woman.' Brown might have been testy because she's having trouble maintaining her blinged-out lifestyle. Insiders say her business manager, Bert Padell, 'has been picking up her bills. She's broke.' Padell's office told PAGE SIX, 'There's no one here who can talk to you about Foxy Brown.' Meanwhile, talk of Foxy's supposed hearing loss is much exaggerated. After she fired lawyer Joseph Tacopina � who claimed she was 'pretty much deaf' � Brown picked up the phone and spoke directly with attorney Salvatore Strazzullo. It seems that Brown had no trouble hearing him to set up an appointment."

"Moxie" Brown.

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