Saturday, December 03, 2005

Guess the Real Sundance Entry


(image via sundanceguide)

Ah, Sundance. So ... PC; oppression is hugely represented here.

A sexy, left-of-center festival of "hopes and dreams," where nearly all of the domestic entries are set in a "small, Midwest town"

Three entries are fake, and one is real -- guess the real Sundance entry (No googling):

Dramatic Compettion/ World Cinema

"The Lucasie Family/Holland (Director Helmut Bitter) -- The disaffected albino family, the Lucasies were obtained in Holland by an impulsive PT Barnum during a visit to Amsterdam in 1857. He brought them back to America where they became one of his most popular exhibits. World premiere."

"Broken Dolls/ Japan-Canada (Director Kenzo Murasaki) -- Momoko Suzuki is a sweet young officeworker living alone in the conservative Wakayama Prefecture. At night, she poses for lurid S & M broken doll fetish photography to finance a trip to Dollywood, to meet her liberated heroine: Dolly Parton. The photographer, a broken man himself, tries to convince her to stay. World premiere.

"Songirds/UK (Director Brian Hill) -- Downview prison in England is host to 250 women who have commited crimes ranging from drug trafficking to manslaughter, but the women are mothers and caretakers. In a musical set in the prison, the women sing about their lives and crimes that led to their imprisonment. North American premiere."

"Ladyboy/ Thailand (Director Khao San) -- This is the gripping story of Katoey and Robert, one: a Bankok trannie and the other an Australian United Nations peace officer. A gripping journey of love, deception and betrayal with a backdrop of international intrigue. World Premiere."

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