Thursday, December 15, 2005

Marc Jacobs' Best Little Ho-down Bash


Sophia Coppola and friends. (image via fashionweekdaily via patrickmcmullen)

Fashionweekdaily's Faran Krentcil was impressed by the Marc Jacobs party last night. The slinky Lisa Marie and Amanda Lepore -- more or less ass-naked, as per usual -- were among the guests. Krantcil writes:

"Last night�s Best Little Ho-down bash by Jacobs and his crew was an epic holiday fete that raises the bar for hauterflies and cowboys alike. Want to make your next party better? Don�t even think about a guest-list until you�ve consulted this guide."


(image via fashionweekdaily via patrickmcmullen)

"... The doors at Skylight Studios opened at 8�and shut promptly at 8:15. Even VIPs like Robert Duffy, Andre Leon Talley, and (shock!) Naomi Campbell made punctual-ish arrivals, and as for Jacobs himself? He stood outside in below-freezing weather to greet every guest with a twangy 'Howdy, hello!'


(image via fashionweekdaily via patrickmcmullen)

"... Did we mention Marc was in a giant pink pig costume? 'I�m Wilbur!' he grinned shyly, referencing Charlotte�s Web with a giant blue ribbon that read 'Some Pig.' Meanwhile, it took guests several double-takes to recognize Sofia Coppola, in war-paint and a giant headdress, echoed by New York�s Jada Yuan and also Alison Sarofim. There were rodeo clowns, a space cowboy, and Richie Rich in bright pink chaps!

Tracy Monrantz on writes:

"Now the trend has received official sanction. Marc Jacobs and Robert Duffy, whose annual holiday party is the stuff of legend, hosted a good old-fashioned hoedown Tuesday night�complete with rodeo midgets, a shooting gallery, and a mechanical bull.

"The party's invite encouraged revelers to dress Wild Wild West-style, and guests, including Jacobs' pals Naomi Campbell, in a Pocahontas getup she already happened to have in her closet (don't ask), and Anna Sui, who came as a cowgirl, happily obliged. Line dancers in full Western skirts clapped and twirled, as Sofia Coppola, in a headdress by Sui, hung out at a picnic table with Andr� Leon Talley. 'There's no way I'm dancing,'Coppola insisted. 'They've been taking lessons for months!' Elsewhere, models in chaps and models in no chaps (and not much else) made themselves comfortable on hay bales, where they feasted on cornbread, coleslaw, pulled-pork sandwiches, and baked beans."

Yes well (Averted Gaze) sitting chapless is a sure recipe for "pulled-pork sandwiches."

The full, unexpuragated story here. And here.


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o my god. this is one of your funniest posts ever, Ron. You are on fire. Congrats on the CBS gig. Don't you find it interesting to see the mainstream media try to co-op each new media form?

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They can co-opt me if they want. But The Corsair is not a cheap date. Blog love Adrienne! The Corsair HEARTS LAist.