Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Picture Pages, Picture Pages ...


Can The Corsair check your shirt label? We just want to see if you were made in heaven. (image via thecobrasnake)


There comes an awkward existential moment of modernization whenever someone still using the passe "high-five" is confronted with someone expecting the au courante "fist-to-fist." Especially if a girfriend is watching. (image via thecobrasnake)


Wait a second. Isn't Twister, like, supposed to be played on top of colored circles or something? Hello? (image via thecobrasnake)


This would be too easy. We decline on professional grounds. (image via thecobrasnake)

1 comment:

Shaw Israel Izikson said...

Well at least there were no evil Mariahs popping out of the crowd. (did a phone number come with that shirt label? Damn...new yawk is lookin' more and more attractive by the new yawk minute).