Thursday, December 01, 2005

Naomi Versus Nicole at Bungalow 8


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Clearly, the gorgeous but highly volatile Naomi Campbell has anger management issues. Big time. We were quite surpised actually that she went so long without beating someone silly in the cookie with some electronic gizmo or doodad as is her wont. This time, though, not content with dispatching a single foe, she picks a fight across the gender divide with both Marc Jacobs and Nicole Ritchie.

(A considerable pause) We cannot fail to note here that Jacobs and Ritchie are among two of the most nonthreatening motherfuckers on the planet earth.

Perhaps Naomi is losing some of her "fierce forces"? (The Corsair pours himself a snifter of 1981 Armagnac Cames) There was once a time when the name Naomi Campbell was synonymous with ultraviolence in modelling. Yachting in St. Barts enough times, we suppose, will take the street out of anyone, even Naomi. According to Lowdown (link via Gawker):

"Nicole Richie seems to have learned the hard way that hell hath no fury like Naomi Campbell scorned.

Lowdown hears that in the wee hours the other night at Bungalow 8, Campbell exploded into a profanity-laced tirade about the diminutive 'Simple Life' star - a longtime friend - after she apparently ignored Campbell's instructions not to hang out with Nicky Hilton, a Naomi nemesis who was partying nearby in the club.

"An eyewitness reports: 'Naomi started screaming at her publicist, 'That f-ing b- Nicole Richie, I hate her!' ... Nicole was sitting 3 feet away, and Naomi was just screaming over her head. Nicole clearly heard, but was ignoring it.'

"After Campbell was done slicing and dicing her pal, says the spy, she directed her wrath at designer Marc Jacobs, 'cornering him against the wall, yelling at him about something.'"